Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for Texas Public Schools

It's that "thankful" time of year again! The one where I find myself counting my blessings a little more often. And, in this tough economic time, I've found myself time and time again being thankful for having a job when so many we know are out of work. But, when I think about being an educator, simply having a job and a paycheck doesn't really seem to sum up just how thankful I am for the role Texas public schools have played in my life. As a second generation teacher, public schools were providing for me long before I even knew what school was! I am thankful for the 12 years I spent in Texas public schools receiving an education that has served me well in college and beyond. I am thankful for the awesome Texas public school teachers that went above and beyond for me as a student in the classroom and as a fellow teacher. And now, I am thankful to that same public school system and it's educators for providing my children with the same quality education and positive school experience. I am proud and THANKFUL to the public schools of Texas.

I want to issue to you all a "Thanksgiving Challenge" this year. As you spend the day with family, share with them why you are thankful to be an educator, a product of public school, or a public school parent. Share a story about your kids or colleagues, a particular success or achievement that you are proud of this year, and how much you love your job in education. Let's make sure that those who love us know that we are thankful and proud of the role we play in our Texas schools.

Thanksgiving Blessings,